Associazione Liutaria Italiana

A.L.I., the Italian Violinmaking Association, was founded in Cremona in January 1980 with the aim of spreading the cultural and technical knowledge of its members. It is made up of two entities: the first brings together professional luthiers and bow-makers. The second brings together luthiers, scholars and lovers of the art of violin making, amateurs and enthusiasts. It has its own statute and is open to all those who accept its aims.
It also promotes the spread of violinmaking culture through its own six-monthly magazine, Liuteria-Musica-Cultura.

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2020 exhibit

Dear Friends, collegues and musicians,
Due to the global unfavourite situation the ALI’s exhibition at the Teatro Filodrammatici, Cremona, will not take place this year: the extended emergency state, the related restrictions regarding the security distance and the difficulties in the sanitation of the instruments brought the Association to cancel the event; ALI will also not be present at the JISMA’s Exhibition in Tokyo, that was by far cancelled by the organization. As a matter of fact it will not be possible to gather around and to say hello to you all: in spite of this, like every year, we want to introduce to the public the latest works of the ALI’s members in a new version: a digital exhibition indeed that, although being mute, will give you an overview on ALI’s lutherie. The exhibition criteria is quite simple: just like in any exhibition the instruments are not displayed in alphabetical order, so you will find the names of the exhibitors unsorted. Enjoy!

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