Zurlini Nicola

Zurlini Nicola
Via Don Baldocchi, 12
26135 Pieve S. Giacomo (CR)
Phone: +39 0372 64549
Mobile: 339 5934183
Fax: +39 0372 29678

Nicola Zurlini was born in Pieve San Giacomo on 4ft Jenuary 1965. He lives at Via Don Baldicchi 12, Pieve San Giacomo (Cremona, Italy).
After attending the International Violinmaking School in Cremona, he graduated in 1983 under the guidance of master Giorgio Scolari.
He apprenticed as a wood carver and sculptor in order to refine his manual skills without neglecting his passion for violinmaking. His love of music led him to dedicate himself entirely to the construction of violins, violas and violoncellos. The time that he spent as an apprentice in Roberto Collini's workshop, as well as his instruction received from master Alfredo Primavera and Virgilio Capellini all contributed to the maturing of his own style and enhanced his artistic formation. The excellent results obtained during his participation in various national and international violinmaking competitions have stimulated a request for his instruments in Italy, Japan, England and the United States. His instruments are appreciated for their fine classical models and beautiful transparent golden brown varnish, as well as their remarkable sound and projection.


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