Zubenko Michele

Zubenko Michele
Via 4 Novembre, 9
26040 Derovere (CR)
Mobile: 348 0061949
Email: zubenco@virgilio.it

Mikhail Zubenko (born 1970) began his violinmaking career in the well known Moscow workshop of his father, Andrea, completing his fisrt violin at the age of 14 year.
In 1997 he came to Cremona to train at the International School of Violinmaking, but also with M° Gio Batta Morassi, during all his spare time.
The valuable advice, instruction and the energy of Morassi bought his construction skills to perfection.
He has exhibited at Poznan and Moscow ( Wieniasky e Tchaikowsky) and made a good impression on the judges.
Zubenko now lives and works at Cremona, devoted to making violins, violas and violoncellos.


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