Voltini Alessandro

Voltini Alessandro
Via Beltrami, 4
26100 Cremona (CR)
Phone: 0372 21378
Fax: 0372 21378
Email: alessandro@voltini.it

Website: www.voltini.it

Alessandro Voltini was born in Cremona in 1957. He completed his diploma at the International
Violinmaking School in Cremona in 1981. From 1982-83 he attended the worhshop of musical instrument restoration at the Germanisches National Museum in Nurnberg under the guidance of F. Hellwig. From 1983-84 he worked in the private workshop of the master restorer J. F. Schmitt in Lyon, where he had the opportunity to see and study many important instruments. From 1985-87 and 1991-93 Alessandro Voltini taught in the regional course of string instrument restoration. He has also collaborated with the Internationai Violinmahing School of Cremona.
In 1988 he participated with a viola in the 5th Cremona Triennial where he won a silver medal. In 1994 he won first prize with a cello at the 7th Triennial in Cremona.
On more than one occasion he has collaborated with the International Violinmaking School of Cremona in restoration courses and classes on the set-up ofs tring instruments. Currently he works in the center of Cremona where he dedicates himself to the construction of string instruments inspired by the classical Cremonese masters as well as some of the most representative modern violinmakers (G. Ornati, F Garimberti, A. Poggi). He recognized the importance of establishing his own style without however; losing sight of the instrument's final destination: to make music.


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