Vigato Laura

Vigato Laura
Via Ponte, 23
25134 San Polo (BS)
Phone: 030 2300029
Fax: 030 2300029


Laura Vigato was born in Brescia on 8 February 1958. In 1980 she graduated at the International Violinmaking School in Cremona under the guidance of various masters. In the same year she opened her own workshop in Brescia, the home-town of Gaspare da Salò and Maggini. Here she began dedicating herself to acoustical research following the classical canons of Cremonese and Brescian violinmaking.
Her instruments are destined to young, promising players and important buyers from Japan and the United States. Over the last few years she has spent a lot of time on varnish research. The wood used for her instruments is chosen personally and with extreme care.
Recently a bowmaker has joined her workshop. She enjoys the direct contact with musicians more than participating in competitions.


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