Varazzani Andrea

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Varazzani Andrea
via Piemonte, 11
26028 Sesto cremonese - CR (CR)
Phone: +39 0372 76393
Fax: +39 0372 76393

I was born in Napoli on the 1982 and I moved in Sesto Cremonese on the 1992.
On the 2000, I get one’s diploma at the “International Violin Maker School Antonio
Stradivari” in Cremona with the direction of the teachers Massimo Negroni and Wanna
I worked for five years with the master Daniele Tonarelli where I improved my style and
On the 2006 I opened a laboratory in Sesto Cremonese, town nearly Cremona.
My works take starting point from the classical cremonese school giving much attention at
the materials and the sound quality.
I use alcol and oil varnish with transparent and brilliant textures result.
On the 2006, 2009 and 2012, I took part at the Three-yearly International Contest of Arc
Instruments “Antonio Stradivari”.
On the 2008, I took part at the National Contest of Violinmaker "Città di Pisogne" where i
presented a violin and i won the bronz medal.
I am member the Consortium Violinmaker “Antonio Stradivari” Cremona and I have the
licence for use the “Cremona Liuteria” trademark.
I am member the Italian Luthery Association ( A.L.I. )


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