Takahashi Shuichi

Takahashi Shuichi
Corso Garibaldi, 95
26100 Cremona (CR)
Phone: 0372 422458
Fax: 0372 422458
Email: shuichi.t@libero.it

Shuichi Takahashi was born October 18th 1972 in Kctgoshimca,
Japan, As a child he studied the violin and played viola for his university orchestra until his graduation. He became fascinated in violin construction and studied the technique of violin making with Yoshiki Nakamura in Yokohama from 1994 to 1998. In the same year he moved to Cremona where he frequented the International School of violinmaking. He acquired experience in the field of violinmaking in various workshops throughout Cremona but particularly with masterStefano Conia in which he apprenticed for six years. In 2005 he opened his own workshop in Corso Garibaldi 95 next door to Stefano Conia. He makes violins, violas and cellos following classical Cremonese models and will only use the best quality, well seasoned materials. His instruments are covered with a transparent Red - Brown spirit varnish over a golden yellow ground.
He has participated in various International violinmaking competitions (Cremona, Paris, Poznan, etc) and was awarded at the Esztergom (Hungary) Competition in 2000. He participated at the Tokyo exhibition of October 2001.
And is a member of A.L.I. Associazione Liutaria Italiana.


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