Rafaelian Leonidas

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Rafaelian Leonidas
Via Beltrami, 28
26100 Cremona (CR)
Phone: 0372 750411
Mobile: 339 4150473
Email: leonidas@leonidasrafaelian.com

Website: www.leonidasrafaelian.com

Born in Athens, he graduates from the Ierevan Conservatory in Armenia in 1970.
He moved to Italy in 1990 and became Master violin maker in 1995 through the "Cremona International Violin Making School".
He was a pupil of M° Gio Batta Morassi.
He won the "Tchaikowsky Prize" in 1998 in Moscow, and won the Baveno National violin making competition in 1990 e 2001.
On 17th October, 2003 at the Musikveren Theatre in Vienna an extremely interesting concert will take place, one which is sure to cause a sensation for both the public and critics alike. Not only will the musicians be the superb Maestro Mstislav Rostropovich on the cello, the violinist Maxim Vangerov and Julian Rachlin, and the Maestro Juri Bashmet on the viola, but the instrument they will play will be equally exiciting.
The four instrument have been made by the M° Leonidas Rafaelian, who has a workshop in Cremona in the very heart of violin making in Italy, has won many international awards, and has studied at length how best to marry beauty, tone, smoothness and acoustic intensity.
The violin shown is the property of M° Maxim Vengerov.


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