Quagliano Giuseppe Lorenzo

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Quagliano Giuseppe Lorenzo
Corso G.Matteotti, 69
60035 Jesi (AN)
Phone: 0731200778
Fax: 0731200778
Email: glquagliano@virgilio.it

Born the 12/03/1966, it attends the school of Liuteria in Gubbio from the '94 to the '97, where take the diploma under the guide of Master G.Spataffi and F. Balbo.
Subsequently it attends the Newark School of Violin Making deepening the techniques of restoration and construction graduating itself in 1999.
He constructs violins, viole and violoncelli following the classics models.
The search of the wood is accurate and selective, the varnish is oil based.
He has participated to International Competitions:Londra and Paris in 2004 with violin, Mittenwald in 2005 with viola and violin.
Is associate to A.L.I. Professionals.
He lives and works in Jesi.


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