Orfei Aaron Lorenzo

Orfei Aaron Lorenzo
Via San Petronio Vecchio, 17
40125 Bologna (BO)
Mobile: +393249022025
Email: info@orfeiviolins.com

Website: www.orfeiviolins.com

Aaron Lorenzo Orfei was born in Rome. As a teenager he started to study music. While studying classical guitar he became to be interested in the making and repair of stringed and plucked instruments.

 Ended the hight school he joined the School for Master Violin and Bow Maker, founded by the M°Guerriero Spataffi in Gubbio, Italy. Here he learned the method of construction of violins, viola, cellos and bows in the italian tradition. While at school he also made several classical guitars and learned the restoration and repair technics of old instruments.

 After graduating he went to work for M° Sergio Marcello Gregorat in Rome, being busy with the restoration and set-up of Doublebasses e Violoncellos, including some very fine italian instruments of the 19th and 20th century.

 Meanwhile he undertook restorations and repairs of stringed and plucked instruments of all kinds and  devoted himself to the construction of violins. He experimented with several models and with oil and spirit varnishes of the ancient italian tradition.

He later worked in Heidelberg, Germany, at the workshop of M° Tobias Hoth, where he further refined the making and restoration of violins, violas and cellos, making new instruments and restoring important examples of Italian, French and German School.

In 2014 he opened his own violin making and restoration workshop.


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