Fiorentini Danilo

Fiorentini Danilo
Via Massari, 29
26013 Crema (CR)
Phone: 0373256462
Fax: 0373256462

Was born in Crema the 13th of June 1968 .
Having always been fascineted by violinmaking he approached the profession by attending in his free time some laboratory in Cremona in particular the workshop of Gio Batta Morassi and his son Simeone where he begain to produce his first instruments.
In 2002 he entered as a pupil in Morassi's wokshop where he began perfecting his skills.
Now he lives and works in Crema where in 2005 he opened his own laboratory in Mulini street n° 5 and in Cremona where he continued the collaboration with his Master .
He parteciped in 2004 to the international competition "Vincheslav Metelka" in Nachod (Czech Repubblich) and in 2005 at the Mittenwald competition in Germany.


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