Consigli direttivi e Regolamento

By virtue of its statutory aims, The Italian Association of Stringed Instrument Makers (A.L.I.) is defined as a "Cultural Association" open to all citizens be they stringed instrument makers, musical instrument researchers, enthusiasts, amateurs or musicians.

Its basic purposes are to promote knoledge of the art of stringed-instrument making through exhibitions, studies, conferences and research; commercial promotion has no place among its aims.
Given the heterogeneous nature of its components, it seemed useful to set up internal specific units called "Groups" with freedom of action designed to meet particular needs.
In this way the "Professional Stringed Instrument and Bow Makers Group" was formed, still dependent of the A.L.I. Board of Directors, but able to assume autonomous initiatives, provided they are in keeping with the aims of the A.L.I.:

a) Making up a price list for the maintenance, restoring and various operations carried out on the instruments;
b) Organizing and participating in exhibitions of a commercial nature;
c) Taking up and debating matters of problems concerning the category;
d) Nominating experts for juries in the competitions arranged by the A.LI. or, if requested, by other Organizations for national and international competitions;
e) Offering its own contribution of skills and expertise to those requesting it;
f) Taking up positions in public with regard to debates, choices or problems which interest the category;
g) Freely self-managing its own economic means independently of the A.L.I. funds.

Consiglio direttivo
Associazione Liutaria Italiana

    Vice Presidente
  • Lorenzo FRIGNANI
  • Grabriele CARLETTI
  • Dimitri MUSAFIA
  • Enrico RAVINA
  • Alessandro VOLTINI
  • Nayla RENZI

Consiglio direttivo
Gruppo Liutai e archettai Professionisti

  • Lorenzo FRIGNANI
    Vice Presidente
  • Simeone MORASSI
  • Alberto GIORDANO
  • Giovanni Battista MORASSI
  • Marco OSIO
  • Fabrizio PORTANTI
  • Marco BRUNELLI



Article 1

In accordance with article 17 of the statute of the A.L.I. the "Professional Stringed Instrument and Bow Makers Group" is hereby constituted with the aim of promoting specific initiatives connected with its professional activities.

Article 2

All those occupied hy profession in the activities of stringed-instrument maker, how makers or restorer may be enrolled without any limit of age or sex.
At the time of applications for enrolment the applicant must:

a) Compile the application form complete with all the information required;
b) Supply a document issued by the competent authority affirming his profession (registration with the Chamber of Commerce or with the Craft Association, etc.);
c) Present a personal report which will be examined by the Group Management Committee;
d) Be a member of the A.LI. and up to date with payments of the subscription.

Article 3

The Group is financed by contributions on the part of its members and by any subsidies or contributions to be written off from the Organization or from private sources. The annual collective subscription is established by the General Members' Meeting for the following year and must he paid over by all the Members by 3lst of January each year. Membership of the Group is binding on the member for two consecutive years.

Article 4

The Group's working components are:

a) The Meeting of Members;
b) The Management Committe composed of six Members;
c) The Chairman of the Management Committee.

Article 5

The meeting is called at least once a year for the Chairman's report on the activities carried out and to set out new initiatives, as well as the nominations of new members of the Board of Directors when the two-years period expires:
The Chairman of the Board chairs the meeting: in his absence the Deputy Chairman takes the chair.
The Chairman nominates the meeting's secretary.
Every member up to date with payment of the annual subscription is entitled to vote in the meeting.

Article 6

The Group's book-keeping is managed by the Administrative Secretary of the A.L.I., held in a separate account.

Article 7

The Board of Directors is appointed for the duration of two years. When for any reason a Board Member is lacking, the Board of Directors, will co-opt another, being the first among those not elected at the last voting for appointment of the Directors or, should he be unable or unwilling to accept, appointing the second among those not elected and so on.
If the appointment is made during first year, it must he confirmed in the first meeting.
The Board of Direetors itself appoints the Chairman, the deputy Chairman and a Secretary.
The choice of initiatives to be undertaken and carried out &are submitted to the Board of Directors.

Article 8

The Board of Direcjors may ask members taking part in shows, exhibitions and other events to pay sums arising (transport, costs, insurance, subscription charges, etc.) in their organizing and concerning individual activities.
The subscription fee for each participant is calculated as a proportion of the extra costs incurred as a result of his taking part.
The secretary will comunicate to each participant the fee due from him for the individual undertakings.
Participation in activities carried out with extra subscriptions is not binding, but each member is free to take part or not.

Article 9

By means of the contributions mentioned in article 3, the Board of Director will make provisions for secretarial and postal coats, and those for publications, participation in shows, for any other form of publicity, for any sponsoring of cultural initiatives, for conferences, concerts, reimbursement of expenses and hospitality for speakers or personalities invited for conferences or congresses.

Article 10

The Group participation relationship is dissolved by:

a) Withdrawal of the member, to be communicated by 3lst of December in each year;
b) Termination of professional activity to be communicated within one month from its ternination;
c) Serious reasons pertaining to the ethics and to the professional code of conduct or to the good name of the professional party, which the Board of Directors is competent to judge, after having heard the interested party, and communicating to the sarne party the grounds for its decision.
Should the memher not accept the decision of the Board of Directors he must appeal, in the first instance, to the A.L.I. Arbitration Board;
d) Failure to make payment of the subscriptions by the end of each calendar year.

Article 11

Any member who was withdrawn from the Group may renew his application for enrolment so long as he has not with drawn on two occasions.
When he was not declared the reasons for his withdrawal, the application for renewed memhership must be accompanied by the documents specified in article 2.

Article 12

Each member is required:

- to collaborate in the undertaking adopted by the Group Management Committee and in the development of the Group itseifl;
- not to use partly-made items for his own production;
- not to falsify instruments;
- not to produce certificates in bad faith;
- to maintain an unexeptionable ethical and professional behaviour in the sphere of his particular business.

Article 13

The Board of Directors may adopt disciplinary measures against a member who does not observe the Group's regulations, or whose personal behaviour has heen prejudicial to the image of the Group or of its individual Members.
The sanctions consist of verbal warning, written warning, suspension or expulsion.
The member may have recourse to the A.L.I. Arbitration Board, as set out in Article 10 item c).

Article 14

In any display, printed matter, graphics, posters, press releases, etc. promoted by the Group, the symhol A.L.I. must be inserted.

Article 15

For all matters not considered in these regulations the Statute of the A.L.I. is held valid.

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